whats the deal with old grandmas who get offended by the word penis but have like 11 kids

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me with friends: 9/10 would bang
me with family: what's a boy



I’m so scared right now omg .-. helph HE WINKED AT ME. HE WINKED. TWICE.

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OMfg i was in starbucks and i saw this girl with pink hair and a shirt with an inverted cross on it and i hissed “hipster blogger” and she hissed back because she was actually a snake haha what’s a SNAKe doing in star bucks? i only have 60 followes

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also i think it’s kind of silly when people wanna block you because they don’t like your opinion on a fucking a n i m e and get upset by being called a hater. you are like textbook hater.